ACCC Speaker Reimbursement Policy

The College does not pay honorariums to speakers.

The College will not reimburse travel or incidental expenses for committee members or Fellows, whether or not they are speakers.

Any speaker expense reimbursement must be approved in advance by the Executive Committee.

Subject to the following guidelines, however, the College can reimburse or pay actual out-of-pocket expenses for a speaker:

The speaker must have an attribute, experience, or accomplishment that is unique, an opportunity that is unavailable from current Fellows.

  • Other avenues of reimbursement or payment for speaker expenses have been explored and the speaker will not attend unless the College reimburses or pays expenses.
  • Expenses must be reasonable and should be projected for the event budget in advance of committing to them. Reasonable expenses are:
    • Coach airfare to/from the conference.
    • Coach-equivalent ground transportation (e.g., not Uber Black).
    • Meals reimbursed up to twice the amount of the published government per diem for the destination city.
    • Overnight hotel accommodations reserved at or below ACCC's event room block rate. 

Expenses can be paid directly by the College, reimbursed to the speaker, or reimbursed to a program chair who advanced/covered costs for the speaker (e.g., provided a meal for the speaker).

Only expenses for the speaker will be covered. If another party travels or has a meal with the speaker, those costs will not be reimbursed.

Adopted and approved by the ACCC Executive Committee, July 28, 2023.