Procedures for Nomination of Fellows

As specified in the ACCC Bylaws, the ACCC is seeking Nominees to be admitted as Fellows of the ACCC who are distinguished for their skill, experience and high standards of professional and ethical conduct in the practice of insurance coverage and extracontractual law, and who are dedicated to excellence in this area of practice. ACCC's Membership Committee seeks nominees who are prominent in the field, and are committed to the practice of law, professionalism, scholarship, diversity, and civility in the bar.

Nominees should have at least 15 years of experience representing insurers or policyholders in the field of insurance coverage or extracontractual law, typically devoting at least 70% of their practice to this area.

Nominees must be nominated by a current Fellow of the ACCC who is not a member of the Nominee’s law firm.

Fellows should submit the names of proposed Nominees to the Membership Committee (co-chairs: Lisa Pake, [email protected], Vince Morgan, [email protected] or Executive Director (Carol Montoya, [email protected]) for review. The Fellow should not advise the proposed Nominee that his or her name has been submitted to the Membership Committee for review. After conducting initial due diligence, the Membership Committee will notify the Fellow whether the Membership Committee has determined that the Nominee should be invited to apply for membership. If the Committee determines that the Nominee should be invited to apply for membership, a Committee Member shall send a Nomination Form (prepared and revised from time to time by the Committee) to the Nominee, and inform the Nominee of the name of the Fellow who submitted his or her name for nomination.

Upon submission of the completed Nomination Form by the Nominee, the Membership Committee shall conduct further due diligence regarding the Nominee, as provided in the Mission Statement, Membership Criteria and By-Laws of the ACCC. Any due diligence conducted by the Membership Committee shall be conducted, if possible, by a member of the Membership Committee who is not personally acquainted with the Nominee.

If the Nominee is approved by the Membership Committee as specified in Section 4.3 (f) of the By-Laws, his or her name will be forwarded to the Board of Regents for further consideration as specified in Section 6.4 of the Bylaws.