Committee Chairs

Board Year 2020-2021

ADR Committee
adrcommittee at
Marialuisa Gallozzi
Gerry Albrecht
Tyler Gerking

Annual Conference Committee
annualconference at
Spence Taylor
John Bonnie
Vice Chairs:
Laura Hanson
Tracy Saxe

CGL/Excess Liability Insurance
cglexcessliability at
Rhonda Tobin
John Failla

Communications Committee
communications at
Michael Aylward
Christine Haskett
Thomas Alleman

Cyber Insurance and Computer Crime
cybertech at
John Buchanan
Nancy Adams

D&O and Management Liability
DandOmanagement at
John Mumford
Joann Lytle

Emerging Risks
emergingrisk at 
Mary Borja
Angela Elbert

Extracontractual and Bad-Faith Claims Litigation Committee
extracontandbadfaith at
Robert Allen
Heather Sanderson

First-Party Insurance Committee
firstparty at
Rick Hammond
Hugh Lumpkin
Stephen Goldman
Suzan Charlton

Insurance Law Symposium Committee
symposium at
Rhonda Tobin
John Buchanan

Membership Committee
membership at
Lisa Pake
Koorosh Talieh

Nominating Committee
nominating at
Michael Aylward

Outreach Committee
outreachcommittee at
Andy Downs
Marty Pentz
Laura Foggan

Pop-Up Calls Committee
Meghan McGruder
Debra Varner

Professional Liability Committee

profliability at
Shattuck Ely
Jennifer Mathis

Professionalism and Ethics Committee
professionalethics at
Neil Posner
John Bonnie

Regional Meetings Committee
regionalmeetings at
Tyler Gerking
Scott Godes
Tamara Wolfson
Lisa Weixelman