Committee Chairs

Board Year 2023-2024

ADR Committee
adrcommittee @
Marialuisa Gallozzi
Tyler Gerking

2024 Annual Conference Committee
annualconference @
Suzan Charlton
Barbara O'Donnell

Vice Chairs:
Mike Kiernan
Rikke Morice

CGL/Excess Liability Insurance Committee
cglexcessliability @
Seth Lamden
John Harding

Communications Committee
communications @
Michael Aylward
Christine Haskett
Seth Row

Cyber, Computer & Emerging Issues Committee
cybertech @
Mary Borja
John Buchanan

D&O, Management & Professional Liability Committee
DandOmanagement @
Nancy Kornegay
Joe Monteleone

Extracontractual and Bad-Faith Claims Litigation Committee
extracontandbadfaith @

First-Party Insurance Committee
firstparty @
Melissa Sims
Gina Clausen Lozier

Insurance Law Symposium Committee
symposium @
Michael Hamilton
JoAnn Lytle

Membership Committee
membership @
Lisa Pake
Vince Morgan

Nominating Committee
nominating @
Mike Huddleston

Outreach & Regional Meetings Committee
outreachcommittee @
Andy Downs
Marty Pentz

Pop-Up Dialogues Committee
pop-ups @
Marc Gravely
Lisa Weixelman

Professionalism and Ethics Committee
professionalethics @
Neil Posner
David Zizik