President’s Message

By Sheri Pastor, McCarter & English, LLP

I am incredibly optimistic about the College and the coming year, despite the extraordinary challenges posed by the pandemic. Several exciting projects are underway. 

This year’s Annual Conference will provide live videoconferencing from an expert lineup on the afternoons of September 10, 11, 24 and 25. The event – built by co-chairs Angela R. Elbert and Robert A. Kole and vice-chairs John Bonnie and Spence Taylor around the preferences you expressed in a recent survey – promises to be impressive. It includes stellar programing that addresses Delaware’s sudden dominance in D&O coverage disputes, the responsibilities of primary and excess carriers in defending bet-the-company litigation, and more.

The pandemic has offered an opportunity to learn and employ different technologies. To that end, our ADR Committee – now more appropriately known as the ADR/ODR Committee – will lead a discussion regarding Online Dispute Resolution mechanisms that will be prevalent in the short and possibly longer term. Next month, co-chairs Marialuisa Gallozzi and Gerry Albrechtwill have a not-to-be-missed program for you. Look for the date and be sure to calendar it.

The Insurance Law Symposium will move forward this spring at the University of Connecticut. The change in date hopefully offers a chance to be together both in-person and virtually in what many regard as the country’s insurance capital, Hartford, Connecticut. We are fortunate to be partnering for this event with the Connecticut Bar Association’s Insurance Committee. The Symposium’s co-chairs Rhonda Tobin and John Buchanan are developing programing now for this April event, which will focus on Pandemic Risk. The Symposium is sure to come at a perfect time, as the litigation landscape around pandemic coverage issues is maturing.

The College also is currently refining its Annual Law Student writing competition. This year law school teams, rather than individual law students, will compete for the ACCC’s prizes. We hope you will encourage and promote the event to your law school when we announce the details this summer.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has had a profound impact. Despite its dark side, however, the ACCC and its Fellows are meeting its challenges. Many of us are busier than ever professionally. We are looking forward to the ACCC’s upcoming events. We are learning and adapting. We better understand available technologies and are using them to stay in close touch with clients, colleagues, peers, family, and friends. 

Stay positive and well!