President’s Message

By Sheri Pastor, McCarter & English, LLP

Dear ACCC Fellows:

Among the College’s missions is to enhance the civility and quality of the practice of insurance law. One way to do so is to connect with, and really get to know, other fellows. You can become active by joining a pop-up call or one (or more) of the substantive committees (listed on the website).

How well do you know our group?

  1. This fellow was interrogated at the former Soviet Union border and accused of being in the CIA or a drug smuggler before ultimately allowed entry for a college study program.
  2. This fellow was the Orange County (CA) spelling bee champion in 3rd grade.
  3. This fellow spent a night sleeping on a park bench in Lucerne, Switzerland.
  4. This fellow was born in Hong Kong and is a direct ancestor of Aaron Burr.
  5. This fellow’s last long walk was 193-miles from the Irish Sea and to the North Sea.
  6. She lived in a Hyde Park apartment across the hall from the one the Obamas would eventually take in the building.
  7. This fellow is within the 1% of the population that is redheaded, blue eyed, and left handed.
  8. She has three tattoos.
  9. He was a sponsored skateboarder in high school.
  10. A music fanatic (late 1970’s and current British indie/synthpop), this fellow is apt to be found browsing in used record stores.
  11. This fellow is half Italian and half Australian.
  12. He saw the Grateful Dead approximately 35 times before Jerry Garcia passed.
  13. How many members have joined since January 1, 2021?

I hope you will get more actively involved in the work of the College. There are lots of important projects underway, and many upcoming events at which to connect. I look forward to seeing you at Trivia Night (March 25), our Annual Business Meeting (May 13) and the Annual Conference (September 22-24).



Answers: 1. John Bonnie, 2. Mary McCutcheon, 3. Rhonda Tobin, 4. Michael Aylward, 5. Helen Michael, 6. Marion Adler, 7. Angela Elbert, 8. Carol Montoya, 9. John Mumford, 10. Lisa Pake, 11. Marialuisa Gallozzi, 12. Jason Mazer 13. Nine – Hon. Jerome B. Abrams (Minnesota Judicial Branch), Amy B. Briggs (Farella Braun + Martel LLP), Lisa M Campisi (Blank Rome), Michael S. Levine (Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP), Karen Libertiny Ludden (Dean & Fulkerson), Steven Schildt (Post & Schell, PC), E. Ford Stephens (Christian & Barton LLP), Monica T. Sullivan (Nicolaides Fink Thorpe Michaelides Sullivan LLP), Harold A Weston (Georgia State University - Robinson College of Business)